Thu, 05 Jan 2006

Good Coffee

I can finally make good coffee at home. Over the past year, I've gone from being a one-latte-a-week coffee drinker to a daily consumer. The problem is that I have been unable to make a decent cup of coffee. I have a one-cup french press and a moka. I can't get a good cup of coffee out of either. Lately, I've been using instant coffee which isn't too good, but at least I can't ruin it.

So, I finally got a proper coffee machine, a DeLonghi espresso maker. I bought some pre-ground espresso from Caffe Latte on Wilshire since I only have a whirling blade grinder, which I've read is not recommended for espresso. I'll try out the grinder later, but I wanted to make sure that my first cup of coffee was delicious, and it was. The machine also came with some Illy pods, but I haven't tried them out yet.

Now that lattes don't cost $3, I want to drink them all day, and I'm worried about excessive caffeine intake. The problems of living in modern society...

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