Fri, 15 Apr 2005

Slovak Spas

Over on TJ's Weblog, they picked a company planning on opening a spa in Slovakia as one of their top 3 business plans.

TOP 3 - comes in MAGMA ZAFÍR s.r.o. that aims to develop a hot water spa in Slovakia. Central Europe has been less then well served with wellness facilities so far and has the advantage of cheap labor costs. A world-class spa for clients from Germany and Austria could easily fill a market void.

I'd be interested in reading their business plan. Slovakia already has a number of spas, and Piestany has attracted foreigners from around the world to its spas for a long time, even during Communism.

Slovaks, in general, see spas as places for the elderly and infirm, but that may start to change. When I was in Slovakia a few weeks ago, there was an article in a magazine describing a visit to a spa by a young woman. She hadn't been too thrilled about her assignment to visit and write about her experiences at a spa. She figured she had twenty or thirty years before she should start visiting spas. She was delightfully surprised by her experience and concluded that visiting spas was a great way for young professionals to relax.

I think there could be a good opportunity in marketing spas to Slovaks between 20 and 40.

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