Wed, 28 Feb 2007

Power Magnet Update

In response to my questions about using Lua and Lighttpd to serve up static blosxom pages, Tomas Carnecky sent me an email with a better way to check for an empty query string within Lua, using "if next(get) then return 1 end". Here's my new power-magnet.cml

-- if query string is empty and static file exists, serve static file
dr = request["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]
-- local f=assert("/debug.out","a"))

if next(get) then return 1 end

sn = request["SCRIPT_NAME"]

static = string.gsub(sn, '^/blog/(.*)$', '/static/%1')

if (file_isdir(dr .. static) and file_isreg(dr .. static .. "/index.html")) then
--      f:write("cache hit on directory\n")
        output_include = { dr .. static .. "/index.html" }
        return 0
elseif file_isreg(dr .. static) then
--      f:write("cache hit on file\n")
        output_include = { dr .. static }
        return 0

-- f:write("no cache hit\n")
return 1

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