Fri, 29 Jul 2005

mnoGoSearch PHP Extension on Debian Sarge

The mnoGoSearch extension is one of the few PHP extensions that isn't packaged by Debian. Additionally, the version of the mnoGoSearch extension in PHP 4.3.10 seems to be incompatible with the version of mnoGoSearch in Debian Sarge. Here's how to upgrade the extension and build a php4-mnogosearch package:

/usr/src# apt-get build-dep php4
/usr/src# apt-get install mnogosearch-dev mnogosearch-mysql
/usr/src# apt-get source php4
/usr/src# cd php4-4.3.10/
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10# ./debian/rules patch
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10# curl | patch -p1 
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10# cd ext/mnogosearch
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10/ext/mnogosearch# curl | tar xvz
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10/ext/mnogosearch# mv 1.96/* .
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10/ext/mnogosearch# rmdir 1.96/
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10/ext/mnogosearch# cd ../..
/usr/src/php4-4.3.10# ./debian/rules binary

You can now install the php4-mnogosearch package located in /usr/src. If you're using SQLite or PostgreSQL, you should be able to install the correct mnogosearch-* package instead of mnogosearch-mysql, but I haven't tested doing so.

For the lazy, you can just add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb sarge main
Then run apt-get install php4-mnogosearch.

Update 11/02/05: I've updated the Sarge package to 4.3.10-16.
Update 11/06/06: I've updated the Sarge package to 4.3.10-18.
Update 05/05/07: I've updated the Sarge package to 4.3.10-20.
Update 08/10/07: I've updated the Sarge package to 4.3.10-22. I also put a copy of the mnogosearch extension tarball in my download directory because is currently down.

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