Sun, 19 Feb 2006

Postman/C-client Certificate Problem

When I upgraded my mail server from Woody to Sarge, Postman, my webmail client, stopped working. When trying to log in, I got the following error:

Error: Certificate failure for self signed certificate: /C=US/ST=California/L=Los Angeles/O=Xerus/

It turns out that the newer version of C-client, the library that postman uses for IMAP, automatically tries to verify the certificate, even if you have postman configured to connect to the non-SSL port; I guess it calls STARTTLS. Since I'm only using a self-signed certificate, I get the error above.

The solution is to configure postman to not verify the certificate using the novalidate-cert switch in /etc/postman/interdaemon.cfg.

imapserver     =
imapport       = 143
smtpserver     = localhost
;for SMTP authentication. 0=No,1=Must,2=Try
authsmtp       = 0
maildomain     =
mailboxprefix  =
remotepath     = ~/mail/
deniedservices =

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