Thu, 18 Nov 2004

Google, Say It Isn't So Already

Some web hosting customers, especially those with dubious business plans who have hired SEO witch doctors, request that every web site be placed on a separate IP address. The theory is that Google is likely to discount the links between sites on the same IP address because such sites may be trying to artificially increase their PageRank. It would be silly for Google to do this since there could be hundreds or thousands of unrelated sites that share an IP address, simply because they are customers of the same web hosting company. Nonetheless, this seems to be a widely-held belief.

This is frustrating to those in the hosting business because IP(v4) addresses are a finite resource, and here in North America, requests for new IP addresses for IP-based web hosting must include a technical justification.

Today, Sean emailed Google to ask for clarification. I hope that Google will publicly state that using multiple IP addresses cannot be used to inflate PageRank.

Update (Thu, 09 Dec 2004): Google responds by saying, go ask someone else to speculate.

Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 14:33:35 -0800
Subject: Re: [#17061378] Regarding the need for a static IP Address

Hi Sean,

Thank you for writing to us. Please note that we don't comment on
webmaster techniques or the details of our search technology beyond what
appears on our site.

We've dedicated an entire section of our site to answering the most common
questions from those who maintain and/or promote websites. You'll find all
of our publicly available information posted at

Besides this section of our site, we've created a newsgroup discussion
forum for passionate Google users. At in the group,
many webmasters and Google users share their questions and expertise.

We recommend performing an advanced search on this group if you feel your
question is particularly challenging and you've been unable to find an
answer on our site. To do so, go to and enter your search
terms in one of the 'Find messages' fields at the top of the page. Type
'' in the 'Newsgroup' search field, and click
'Google Search.' If you don't find an answer to your question, you can
always post your question to the group to see if other newsgroup users
have helpful advice. Please be aware that this content isn't posted by
Google, and we cannot verify its accuracy.

The Google Team

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