Fri, 10 Jun 2005

Does Russell Get Frugality?

Apparently not.

Russell Beattie is a "work[er] at Yahoo! focusing on new mobile products," but seems *amazed* that somebody who works for a living might find that spending $500 on a mobile phone is extravagant. My goodness!

In his latest "Online notebook" post about Leslie Katz's post about Jimmy Buffet's lost Sony Ericsson mobile, Russell breathlessly recounts Leslie's "snarkiness and ignorance" as she "breathlessly recounts that a bus boy who found the phone may have crank called Bill Clinton, 'whose number was stored in the $500 phone's directory,' and warns there might be more phone calls coming since, 'Apparently, the fancy phone's memory card with the names, numbers and some addresses' is still missing." Emphasis mine. Double emphasis his.

Astounding. For some reason this rubbed me the wrong way - just the snarkiness and ignorance of it. Could someone at Yahoo please give this man a decent financial planner and tell him to get a clue? Thanks.


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