Fri, 07 Jan 2005

Blacklisting Fax Machines

Fax machines hate me. I used to receive a few calls a week from fax machines on my land-line. Eventually, I Googled my number and found that it was listed as a fax machine for USC. I emailed the webmaster and got the number removed, but it didn't really end the persistent fax machines.

I moved a few months ago and was able to ditch the land-line. (My previous landlord had DirectTV dishes installed and cut the cable to the building making DSL the only affordable option for high-speed Internet access.)

Now, I've got a fax machine calling my cell phone and it won't give. It's calling me every 60 seconds and leaving me voice mail. Damn you, 818-783-7049!
Why isn't there a button on my cell phone to block all calls from a number?

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