Sat, 07 Oct 2006

How to Waste a Day

I've been quite busy with school and work lately, so I was due for a day of unproductiveness. Here's how I wasted a nice Saturday:

Switch from Bloglines to Google Reader - After switching from straw to Bloglines a few months ago, I've tentatively switched to Google Reader as of today. One particularly nice feature is that it only marks posts as read when you've actually viewed them, rather than when you view the feed. It's also easy to create a link blog because you can share posts with a keystroke.

Fix Northern Trust Feed - I fixed my screen-scraped rss feed of Northern Trust research reports, which has been broken since around May I think, when they updated their site.

Start Learning Lisp; Give up - I started reading Peter Seibel's book, Practical Common Lisp online, which in turn, required that I start learning emacs. I got through about a chapter and a half of the lisp book, and about half of the emacs tutorial before deciding it wasn't worth the effort today.

Touch Base with the Housing Bubble - If you haven't heard, housing is past the peak, and heading down. I caught up on Mish's blog, where the deflationary (rather than hyperinflationary) recession looms large. And if you haven't met Casey Serin yet, he's a 24 year-old facing forclosure five houses with $2 million in mortgage debt. Bummer.

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