Fri, 29 Jul 2005

Sleazy Used Car Sales Tactic

I received an advertisement in the mail from Superior Nissan of Mission Hills, located in Mission Hills, California. The return address on the envelope identified the sender as GM Notification Sender for some reason.

As part of their used car sales promotion, they claimed to be giving away some prizes. In the envelope was a card with two scratch-off numbers. If the numbers match, you're a winner of one of five prizes. The prizes are A) an XBox or PlayStation 2, B) a $500 gas card, C) a $1,000 shopping spree, D) a 60" Wide Screen Color TV, and E) $15,000. They might as well have made a trip to Mars one of the prizes too.

I scratched off my matching numbers, but of course, it doesn't say which of the fabulous prizes I've won. Instead, it tells me to call an 800 number to set up an appointment to pick up my prize at the dealership. If you're clever, you may have already figured out the scam. Here's what the small print says:

...the odds of winning prize A, B, D & E are 0:10,000, prize C is 10,000:10,000.

Everyone gets the "$1,000 shopping spree" on which charges an outrageous amount of money in shipping and handling fees, generally between 40% and 60% of the price of the item. How slimy.

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