Mon, 21 Mar 2005

Quasar for Accounting

I decided to use Quasar to do my accounting. It's a huge improvement over GnuCash. Almost all of the fields have tab completion. For example, to create an invoice, I type the first few letters of a companies name, tab, and it fills in the company name and address. This works for accounts, tenders, and pretty much anything that is stored in another table.

I'm still learning how to use everything, but it's very well thought out. Initially, I didn't realize I could create a sale by entering the tender (Visa, American Express, etc.) on an invoice. I was creating an invoice, then a payment against the invoice, which took me a lot longer. I still need to figure out how to make invoices default to Account type rather than Item.

The account reconciliation feature works great. It helped me track down a transaction for which Authorize.Net didn't send me a receipt email.

Quasar has a ton of features related to running retail stores. I don't need to deal with multiple stores and cash registers, but it's great that it's there if I ever open up that pub.
Some of the cool features that I'll actually use include:

Quasar has a good chance of becoming the de facto accounting package in the open source world.

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